Silent Key Al KJ4OEK

KJ4OEK – Al Slaney of Hudson – Silent Key

Funeral will be held at the First United Methodist Church
13123 US Hwy 19 N, Hudson, FL
Friday (December 30th) at 11:00am

(Please send condolences to Family.)

Silent Key by Unknown

I didn’t hear a call last night
Little steps through the dial
Until just before light
I finally gave up after awhile

A familiar voice of a friend
The camaraderie that had grown
Hours of conversation with someone
Their face I have never known

After a week
With no signal found
Without a peep
Without a sound

A message finally
On email from a friend
Finally brought the reality
Of this home to me again

My faceless friend
Had passed away
That gentle voice
He became a silent key that day

Forever we will remember them, and hold them in our hearts as Silent Keys


Webmaster - Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club