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10 days to Field Day

Good Morning,
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Field day is 10 days away. The Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club is having their Field day at the clubhouse this year. You are invited to attend this event. Saturday June 23rd at noon we start getting it rolling. This event runs for 24 hours. So if you can not make it during the day we will be operating FD all night. The event is over at 2pm Sunday.
Field Day is the perfect opportunity for the some of the newer Hams to get on the air and operate HF. You do not need to be experienced to get on. Part of the fun is learning how to communicate and call CQ Field day. If you are a Tech then you get to go on ALL HF bands under the club call.
We will be having food and refreshments at the clubhouse. Burger and hot dogs on Saturday afternoon. Breakfast in the morning, etc. See website for schedule.
Potluck on Saturday night . If you could bring a crock pot with your favorite meal in it to share.
Hope to see everyone there.
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Wires-X on Repeater now available

WIRES (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is an Internet communication system which expands the range of amateur radio communication. For WIRES-X, an amateur node station connecting to the Internet is used as the access point and connects the wireless communication to the Internet. Users’ stations can communicate with other amateur stations all over the world using a node within the radio wave range.

WIRES-X supports the C4FM digital and the clear and crisp voice technology enables high sound quality. By repeating C4FM digital data as it is via the Internet, users can enjoy clear voice communications even if they are thousands of miles away each other.
Utilizing the digital communication, the WIRES-X operation is simple, easy and user friendly.
Varieties of the new functions as well as voice communications expands opportunities for enjoyment of ham station operation.