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We want to hear from you. Calling  for Articles to go in club newsletter

We are always looking for articles to publish in the newsletter. Topics should apply to Amateur Radio, or other closely-related topics. Submissions may be edited for grammar, content, or length; however, that is usually pretty rare. The deadline for submissions is the 25th of each month; however, submissions received after the deadline will be considered. If a late entry doesn’t make it in the current month, it may be used in the following month.

It does not have to be written. Do you have some pictures that other hams would like to see. Send them in.

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AA4CB Chris

Hello. I live in Ridge Manor and have been licensed since 1988. I serve GCARC as a board member, Public Information Officer (PIO) as well as the club's webmaster and social media manager. I also try to maintain the Clubhouse. I operate mostly the Digital modes on HF such as FT8 ,PSK, and OLIVIA. On VHF/UHF I stay on Yaesu System Fusion locally. I have been doing presentations for local clubs about WIRES-X and Fusion for the past couple of years.