GCARC will, participate in Winter Field Day 2020. This is a practice session for all Amateur Operator’s, ARES, RACES and other emergency services to practice and keep our radio skills sharpe in case of disaster or other emergency’s around the world, to pass health and welfare message’s , and condition’s WHEN ALL ELSE FAIL’S HAM RADIO WORK’S, we made contacts with other WFD participants, and enjoy hanging out with each other. Plans for this year are underway but there is still time to join in with your ideas or suggestions. Contact Denny K8DLH or Barry N2NVP to get involved. We’ll update this post as the details are squared away.
What? Winter Field Day 2020 ( https://www.winterfieldday.com/ )
When? Saturday 2:00 PM till Sunday 2:00 PM, January 25 & 26, 2020
Where? Millennium Academy, 10005 Ridge RD, New Port Richey
Who? All GCARC members & friends as well as members & friends. Like the ARRL FD in June, Winter Field Day serves as an “OPEN HOUSE” event, so that interested members of the public can drop by and see what ham radio is about, ask question’s and maybe event get to operate, WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW HAMS, if interested Please stop by!!!

Denny Hammond

Born and raised in Port Clinton, Ohio, drove truck for Roadway Express 38 + years, was part-time Law Enforcement, PD & Sheriff, was Volunteer FF, then moved up ranks to Chief., Portage Fire District, EMT, was part-time Humane Officer for Sandusky and Ottawa Counties, have been a amateur radio operator since 1995, was EC of Sandusky County ARES & SKYWARN, and President of Sandusky Valley ARC. Moved to Florida 6 years ago, love it!!!