Well the ZOOM test went rather well, would like to have seen more sign in, but that’s the way it goes, may have been when I sent e-mails to member’s they did not recognize my address, and did not open I don’t know, but I will be sending members a e-mail again soon, but first I will be calling those member’s to tell them what we are doing.
We are doing a GCARC virtual meeting via zoom August 24th at 7:00 PM.
GCARC is a GOOD club, ham radio is hear to stay, and all of it’s new way’s to make contact’s, we need to get the younger generation involved and anyone that has interest, but with this virus it’s a little rough to I hope soon the virus will be gone!!!
So I ask you to join the club, be a payed member, and help get the word out about HAM RADIO.
If you wish to become a payed club member of GCARC, you can catch this link. http://gulfcoastarc.org/download/gulf-coast-amateur-radio-club-brochure/# it has the application and mail it with dues to GCARC P.O.Box 595
New Port Richey, FL 34656-0595
K8DLH E-MAIL dennishammond506@yahoo.com

There is no July 27TH ,2020 GCARC meeting, the next meeting will be August 24TH, 2020, at 7:00 PM , it will be a virtual meeting on Zoom, if you are a payed GCARC member, get your e-mail address to me, if you have not done so as yet most have. dennishammond506@yahoo.com

Denny Hammond

Born and raised in Port Clinton, Ohio, drove truck for Roadway Express 38 + years, was part-time Law Enforcement, PD & Sheriff, was Volunteer FF, then moved up ranks to Chief., Portage Fire District, EMT, was part-time Humane Officer for Sandusky and Ottawa Counties, have been a amateur radio operator since 1995, was EC of Sandusky County ARES & SKYWARN, and President of Sandusky Valley ARC. Moved to Florida 6 years ago, love it!!!