GMRS anyone??

As many of you know the license fee for GMRS is going down to $35 for a 10 year period. Pasco county has many GMRS licensees out there. Alot of us have an Amateur radio license and a GMRS license. They operate on 462MHZ, and there are repeaters. Most of the ham gear with 440 Mhz in it can be modified for GMRS use…… yeah yeah yeah…not part 90 whatever accepted. I do not care!  You want to buy a GMRS radio go ahead no one stopping you.

The price is right $3.50 a year gets up 22 channels simples and 8 of them can be used for repeater.

In Pasco County there are a couple of repeaters up and running.

More information can be found at

live long and prosper


AA4CB Chris

Hello. I live in Ridge Manor and have been licensed since 1988. I serve GCARC as a board member, Public Information Officer (PIO) as well as the club's webmaster and social media manager. I also try to maintain the Clubhouse. I operate mostly the Digital modes on HF such as FT8 ,PSK, and OLIVIA. On VHF/UHF I stay on Yaesu System Fusion locally. I have been doing presentations for local clubs about WIRES-X and Fusion for the past couple of years.