Well the word has come and contact with ISS will happen on March 3rd at 10:17 am at River Ridge HS.Any club members want to attend contact Linda at lnowicki365@ to get good seats.

GCARC’s web site at
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Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 595
New Port Richey FL 34656-0595
WA4GDN Yaesu System Fusion Repeaters
146.670 MHz
145.330 MHz
444.650 MHz


GCARC will, participate in Winter Field Day 2020. This is a practice session for all Amateur Operator’s, ARES, RACES and other emergency services to practice and keep our radio skills sharpe in case of disaster or other emergency’s around the world, to pass health and welfare message’s , and condition’s WHEN ALL ELSE FAIL’S HAM RADIO WORK’S, we made contacts with other WFD participants, and enjoy hanging out with each other. Plans for this year are underway but there is still time to join in with your ideas or suggestions. Contact Denny K8DLH or Barry N2NVP to get involved. We’ll update this post as the details are squared away.
What? Winter Field Day 2020 ( )
When? Saturday 2:00 PM till Sunday 2:00 PM, January 25 & 26, 2020
Where? Millennium Academy, 10005 Ridge RD, New Port Richey
Who? All GCARC members & friends as well as members & friends. Like the ARRL FD in June, Winter Field Day serves as an “OPEN HOUSE” event, so that interested members of the public can drop by and see what ham radio is about, ask question’s and maybe event get to operate, WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW HAMS, if interested Please stop by!!!


January 27th Club Meeting, 7:00 PM
Election of Officer’s also
Club dues are due, this is one way we keep functioning
$25.00 Regular – Licensed operator
$??.?? Junior – licensed operator up to 18 years of age
$??.?? Associate – not license
$??.?? Family
January 4th, 2020
Pasco County ARES
Eastside EOC, 38319 McDonald St
Dade City
January 4th,2020
Kids Day 1800 UTC to 2359 UTC
For more info go to ARRL site under Kids Day and the info and Frequencies’ being used will be there , so get your child, grand, great, neighbors kids on the radio!!! And even a nice certificate for the child.
March 14th, 2020
0700 to 1200
Being worked on at this time by Barry N2NVP & Denny K8DLH, we would really like to get more involved, so give us a couple hands, I know what’s being said done it before!! good that’s what we need is your expertise , this is not my 1st rodeo either but I love challenges!!!
January 11th,2020 1000
Winter Field Day & Hamfest Meeting
At my QTH 8732 Congress St.
Port Richey
Those of you that would like to help out PLEASE come to this meeting, and give me a head’s up to so I know how many donut’s to buy!!!! Give a call on the repeater or my cell 352-631-2308 and I am good in QRZ, or by this site.
Enough for this month see you the 11th, and 27th if not before ,73


Twice a year, ARRL offers an event designed to promote Amateur Radio to our youth. Share the excitement with your kids or grandkids, a Scout troop, a church or the general public!
The next event will take place on Saturday, Jan 4, 2020.

On such a short notice anyone want to give it a shot, we can do it at my QTH , got the whole garage as a shack, 2 HF’s and 1 2mt and 2 ht’s dual band’s, or just wait till June’s if you want to give it a shot Jan 2nd 10-4 let me know ASAP and I can get some info out. ( I forgot about it )


This is what we have to do it’s not all about having meetings, we have to do projects, get all involved, we need class’s program s and so come let’s make 2020 a great year!
I would call your attention to a great article in the Jan 2020 QSTpp 66-69 on how the Nashua Area Radio Society “reinvented” itself to better serve its community. Tons of great ideas. They revamped their licensing program, worked with schools, created a “ham bootcamp” for new hams, hold monthly Tech Nights, have teams organize contests and field day. Once dwindling, Now they serve 230 persons.
Some of this we have stumbled upon in Alachua Cty by sheer guessing & perseverance.
Howard Michael (ARRL CEO) argues that “people now join causes, not clubs” — and our local ARES/NFARC group has a “cause” of equipping well-rounded and well-trained hams into readiness for service to their communities. One of the items integral to that is from 97.1 — developing a measure of technical expertise.
We found that most people have little experience with actual circuits, soldering, components. So we frequently do technical projects. Two are cooking right now: EMP destroys unprotected solid state closely related to an antenna. Transmitters are more difficult to protect than receivers. (It isn’t hard to protect a solid state receiver.) Thus we went with a tube amplifier, and now an arduino project is blooming to create low-duty-cycle tuning, and as a side benefit, a future electronic keyer! In another project, I’m resurrecting a cache of emp-proof heathkits for SSB/CW/Digital (a lot just for fun….) — and created a printed circuit board to make power supply refurbishment far, far simpler. Reduces a tedious mechanical job to simply (1) solder parts, (2) connect input/output wires, (3) mount pcb on standoffs, (4) done! That one is being fabricated in China literally today, arrives next week by DHL. The aduino tuner-keyer not quite there yet.
Even simple construction projects give your members chances to grow their knowledge and become more resilient in emergencies. Puerto Rico showed the need for some technical fluency.


GCARC Membership dues are due also, these due’s help us to keep going, and the other most important event’s that are a must for us to survive, if you have a event that you think can help, bring it to the club, I believe we can try anything to keep us above water, and again talk the club up, get folk’s interested!!!, There are for kinds of membership’s,, Regular, a licensed amateur, a Junior 18 or under, Associate not licensed ,open to all, and of course Family of a regular member, I know the dues are $25.00 for Regular members, if someone will let me know about the other’s, I have also made Membership Card’s up for 2020 you that have paid please let me know at the January meeting and get your card!!
Denny Hammond K8DLH


Ok member’s let’s make it a good one ok, Barry N2 NVP is chair of the event, he will need help from now and leading up to the Fest, so any help will be greatly appreciated, less all come together and make the club grow, get folk’s interested, get ham’s to up-grade, get ham’ or non ham’s to check our club out, talk it up, tell the many new things in  amateur radio to do for the young and old, let’s get guest speaker’s in about amateur radio or not, have  our member’s give there history about the radio experience’s, teach what they know how to do, antenna’s, CW, whatever it maybe, go out in the public like Walmart set a few things up during the week or week-ends , go to groups we did it up north and it worked rather well, getting into the schools is a big thing if we of course scouts too, hey let’s see what we can do OK, come to meeting’s, participate in our net’s Let’s Build Amateur Radio UP, When All Else Fail’s Ham Radio Work’s!!!!!!

We will have flier’s very soon so if you can help getting them out that will be appreciated!

If you can help Barry call or e-mail him

7 AM – 12 PM      $5.00 ENTRANCE

Gulf Coast ARC Spring Hamfest
Location: Millennium Academy
10005 Ridge Road
New Port Richey, FL 34652
Sponsor: Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club
Type: ARRL Ham Fest
Talk-In: 146.67 (PL 146.2)
Public Contact: Barry Kevaney , N2NVP
Phone: 727-277-5794


                                        The November Elections were postponed until the  January 27, 2020  meeting.                                                                   This is it. ALL Gulf Coast members need to come to this meeting. This is the meeting where you will be electing people to fill the available positions in the club.
Board member – 1 year term
Board member – 2 year term
Do not sit back and wait. this is the most important meeting of the year. YOU can cast your vote ONLY if you attend the meeting.
Any questions or comments about the elections please email;
see you there.