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NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — Do astronauts text their moms? Do astronauts work out? Have astronauts ever seen little green men?

In early March 2020, students at River Ridge High School in New Port Richey could ask NASA astronauts these very questions.

The school is one of just nine in the entire country that will communicate with the International Space Station using amateur radio.

“Space is one of those things that, no matter if you’re in chess club or a football player or a cheerleader, it brings us all together,” said teacher Linda Nowicki, who says almost every facet of River Ridge played a part in winning this special opportunity.

The Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Club will supply the school with the expertise and equipment to make contact with the ISS.

Students will submit questions to win a chance to directly chat with the astronauts.




Club Christmas Party Info



The December 2019 Board Installation meeting will be held on SATURDAY December 7th 2019 at 14:00, with the Christmas lunch to follow. This year the meeting will be held at, and the lunch catered by, the River Ridge Country Club 11022 Tee Time Cir, New Port Richey, FL 34654. As always family members are invited. The lunch will be a traditional turkey dinner with several sides. Each table will include 1 bottle of wine. There will be a cash bar available for those who desire.

Since this is a catered affair, and we need to provide a count to the Country Club, we will need to get your response if you will attend and with how many by November 17th 2019. Anyone who doesn’t respond, by the deadline, that they will attend the lunch will able to attend the meeting prior to the lunch, but will NOT be able to attend the lunch. Please reply to this email

(meaning don’t send response to other email accounts you may have for me) if you are attending and how many guests will accompany you. If you do reply please include your full name as some people do not have their names in their email settings. We do not need a response if you will not attend.

For those who were in attendance at the meeting please note, River Ridge made contact after the meeting ended and advised there was a conflict on Sunday so we had to change to Saturday.

Frank Kaleyias



Foxhunt Classes for October



October 4 , 11 , 18 , and 25 at 6 pm



More and more hams are discovering the fun of tracking down hidden transmitters out in the woods.  It’s a worldwide sport with opportunities for friendly competition at home and abroad.  A ham radio license isn’t a requirement, but it makes it lots more fun.

 Radio direction finding is used to find sources of interference to any form of wireless electronic communications, including broadcast and two-way radio, television, and telephones.  It is also used to track missing or stolen cars and other property.  Search and rescue workers use it to find persons in distress.  Emergency Locator Transmitters in downed aircraft are tracked with RDF techniques.

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